Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Pink Dress for Miss Kit E.

"And what do you think Miss Kit E?", I asked our little princess. Having just finished her wee, pink dress, she turned this way and that, jumped on top of her trunk, purred, and said it was very pretty.

I'm seriously having to question my mouse brain as to whether or not I'll be able to do this tiny work much longer! I know I always say this and then once again launch into something equally tiny and difficut. sigh Such is the challenge. I've been doing this a long, long time, but it never gets any easier, I promise you that. And, then there was that tail to design the dress around! Well, she was a sweet and mannerly little model. It is a very serious thing when a mouse plays with a cat, no matter how tiny she is.

But, look!! The trunk is done, the back side illustration has been painted, Miss Kit E. is dressed, and its on to the little details. Should I put a handle on top of the trunk so the Pipos kitty doll can carry it with her? I think so. And, Miss Kit E. needs a few toys to play with as well. The goal is a finished trunk set by the end of the month.

Time to rest my eyes and paws, and enjoy this very rainy weekend. I hear there is snow falling in the mountains!

Miss E. Mouse

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  1. I thought your 'little princess' was perfect before she had any clothes... but now she is even more feminine! SO sweet!!!
    Love, Olivia (known in my family as Noni)