Friday, December 10, 2010

"Unto you a child is born!"

The rain comes down and skies remain gray. The leaves slowly, very slowly begin their final descent to the earth. Winter where I live is soggy and soft. The rich soil soaks up the rain and when a storm comes, the creeks fill and rush from pond to pond keeping the geese happy and winter bulbs full of promise.

Since the weather keeps me indoors, I just finished this lovely little creche for Bleuette. It is made from mahogany, oak bark and moss. The inspiration was a creche that the company Fontanini made some years ago. The little porcelain nativity figurines came all the way from France. My favorites are the little animals - the lamb, the camel, the donkey and cow. So tiny, so sweet!

And, what did Miss E. Mouse get for Christmas? Well, a new home! Not so much a home, but a little retreat for when I need to mouse away to rest and read. Thank you for popping in to take a look at my new etrennes, and thank you for enjoying my work. If you have a moment, I'd enjoy hearing from you in the comments section. I hope you're enjoying the holiday season, and for this little mouse, a few Christmas television shows are on my agenda.

Miss E. Mouse

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