Saturday, July 14, 2012

Waves of Green, on a Sea of Blue

Lettie Lane's Bathing Suit
Detail of the Hat
Stockings and Bloomers
One of my favorite pieces to make in any of these costumes, is the hat.  I have always loved hats, but it wasn't until I began making these that I truly discovered the range and what you could top a mop of hair with!  As with the dresses, these hats are only illustrations and we must decide how to design them, and what they may look like from different angles.  I'll confess that the originals may not have had all the same atributes, but these are my interpretations. 

When I began the first hat, I tried using the same pie wedge pattern I used for Lettie Lane's Patriotic Costume hat, only cutting four to stitch together.  I used a buckram base shaped over the styrofoam ball I used in the pumpkin costume hat last fall.  I cut the shape in half to a bowl and hand-stay-stitched the edges.  Fitting the four pieced crown over the buckram wasn't a problem, but what to do for the turban roll was. 

Detail of the Bathing Slippers
First I had to make the turban roll.  I stitched all the ribbon trim to a length of cloth, then cut a 1.5" rectangle from that and stitched a seam.  I turned it insided out, and iron-steamed it by hovering the iron over the piece.  Then I stuffed it with come kind of batting or stuffing.  I was then dealing with this striped Tootsie Roll I had to attach to the brim.  I thought of stitching it into the sides of one of the pie wedge shapes.  Tried it, didn't like it.  I was still, also, dealing with the idea of a poof hat and what I was attempting didn't give me that effect.

I ended up cutting a circle of cloth, gathering it along the bottom and sewing the edges to the buckram.  I attached the turban roll, then took a hidden ladder stitch to the top and bottm, and edges of it.  The bows were basic doll dress bows attached to the sides.  Naturally, the hat is fully lined.  And, there you have it.  The Bathing Suit costume is done! 

This truly was one of the most difficult costumes I've made for Lettie Lane.  Why do they keep getting harder, instead of simpler?  I can only guess that my tastes run to details and the challenges to create them.  I'll be finishing up the slip set next, and also working on a new outfit for Little Lettie, the Bleuette sized doll.  I just began hosting a Challenge on the Bleuette Sewing Club, and naturally, it is a Lettie Lane Challenge, encouraging seamstresses to try what I've been doing.  Should be fun!

We're in the midst of summer and the days can get pretty hot.  I recommend ice cream!

Miss E. Mouse

Quite the Bathing Beauty

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