Monday, February 10, 2014

Daisy's Valentine Postcard Girl

You might have guessed that with my enjoyment of bringing vintage postcard images to life in costuming, Daisy would require a special Valentine's Day outfit.  I had quite a few images picked out, but the striped skirt in this one, and the wonderful hat begged to be done.

Once again I found myself swimming in a variety of red and white striped fabrics.  The stripe width, while important to me for scale, was simply not to be met this time. 

I looked for striped silk.  I looked for striped cottons.  I found a piece of fabric called "wedding satin" in a red and white stripe and gave it a go.  When it arrived, the stripe was huge, and the fabric, a thick polyester mess.  Then a lady on ebay listed a "lot" of red and white stripes in a variety of fabrics.  I asked if she might change the auction to a Buy It Now, and within a few days, I had a huge stack of fabrics to chose from.  I have seen red stripes described as "clown stripes", and it certainly gives you another take on the pattern!

I wouldn't normally have chosen this "painted cotton", but it seemed to work for the look I was after.  I also ordered two different hide pieces of red leather for her little slippers.  The hat straw, I had plenty of, so I began designing the bodice right away.

My first intention was to make the bodice out of the red velveteen I used for Daisy's Christmas Caroler, but quickly realized the horizontal stripe at the bottom of the skirt would be best done in the same fabric as the bodice.  So I chose a medium weight cotton sateen in a pretty lipstick red. 

This was not a difficult outfit to make, so it snipped along quickly and was enjoyable to make.

I used a wide brim PNB hat mold for her funny big "bonnet".  After completing the piece, I turned the brim up and found the "string" in the edge of the straw, then pulled this gently to give it shape.  Like our nice French laces, the Swiss straw has threads in the top and bottom edges of the strand.  If you get a pair of pointy tweezers and do a little digging, you can find the thread.  This part took a little work since the thread wished to quickly recede back into the strand. 

I clipped the end of the string and threaded it into a needle.  By pinching the straw at the base of the pulled thread to secure the "gather", I sewed the string back into the straw.

The detailing of the gold design on the edge of her hat took a little thinking.  I tried using a gold oil based Sharpie Paint Pen, but the effect was flat.  I'd considered using gold glitter glue at first, and this was what I ended up using over the penned design.  Its a little Victorian postcard glitter "bling"!

Next came her little slippers, which also quickly went together as I've done quite a few pairs of plain slip-ons.  They are not Fran's beautiful work, but they meet the requirements.  The inner sole was lined in pretty rose floral fabric, so she could "walk on roses" for Valentine's Day. 

Finally the girl in the postcard is giving a valentine to her sailor boy.  I took a bit of the red sateen, sewed the little heart, then stuffed it with batting for a charming little soft sculpture.  I had earlier done this with Polly's Mistletoe Fair wand, with the gold star.  The effect is far more sweet than a flat piece of paper or cardboard.

Red Sateen Heart Stuffed With Love
Shame on me for not putting Daisy's underwear on when I took these photos, but I wanted to share the back of the garment for a purpose.  You can see that her doll stand is threaded through the skirt.  Since I started sewing, one of the things that's plagued me most is how the stand fits under the garment smoothly.  I don't like the stand on the outside of the garment as it creases the fabric and takes away from the display.  So when designing a skirt with a plain waistband, I give enough room in the back for the stand to thread through.  If making a fitted dress, the dress will be wider in the waist to accommodate that infernal stand!

I have less than a week to do much more, if I wish to meet a Valentine's Day deadline.  However, I've been wanting to make a couple of outfits for the Wendy Lawton 9" dolls.  If I start today, I just might make it!

Miss E. Mouse 

Wouldn't this look lovely on Daisy?

Just love the hat!  I enjoy the cards with the gold gilt.

We do love our paper dolls!

I almost made this one.

One of my favorites.  Anything with an easel.

As a collector of umbrellas, these are just fabulous to me!

Another version of the same card.  Raining hearts!  It is not a mirror image, as the wording is not backwards.

This girl in this dress was found on several postcards, but this one had the umbrella.  I almost made this one, too.
And, my favorite.  Cupid as the artist.  So very Rosetti!
Daisy's Valentine Postcard Girl

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  1. Exquisite, as always. I wish I had known of your fabric need as I have a narrow red and white stripe I would have been glad to share. N