Saturday, July 4, 2015

Sterling and Amethyst's A Visit To the Zoo - Happy 4th of July

Sterling and Amethyst...
I was just checking to see when last I entered a blog journaling.  Its been almost a month!  June simply flew by and I'm having trouble figuring out exactly where and what I was doing.

Well, I do know, I guess.  My husband and our carpenter are building a storage building on our property that will support solar panels on one of the roofs.  I've taken over hiking the dogs every morning, then fixing them a large meal at lunch time.  In between, its errands.  Clean up and a bit of rest after, and by the time this has all gone down, its 3pm.  I truly have had very little time to donate to sewing lately, and the heat wave that has been persistent around these parts is stifling. 

...A Visit To the Zoo
As I'm thinking back on the month, I also recall that I made two little 9" Lawton boy doll outfits for a friend on commission.  She wanted Sterling's light blue sailor outfit from last year, and one of the red and black Travel Doll boy outfits.  So, I guess I was sewing after all.

Towards the end of the commission, I'd pulled out this beautiful dark teal silk I'd had on hand, and felt it might be nice to stay in "small size" sewing mode for a bit.  So I made my own Sterling and Amethyst outfits for A Visit To the Zoo.  

Sterling brave and handsome!
To be very honest, I'm tired and today is our 4th of July, Independence Day.  It was yet a day like any other around here, and for lunch I'd made them a nice lassagne.  As soon as the quiet returned - they cannot work past 1pm and sometimes noon due to the heat - I decided these two little outfits, that I'd finished yesterday, needed a bit more.  So I whipped up a hair bow for Amethyst, and a little cap for Sterling.

At first I wasn't thrilled with these costumes, and know that were I to make them again, there would be different steps taken in their constructions.  However, with the addition of "toppers", I DO like them.  A lot.  And, so I am sharing them with you.

Amethyst delicate and charming.
They're perfect for summer, a visit to the zoo, and just right for our Independence Day celebrations.  I hope you'll enjoy seeing them.

I cannot say what next I'll be working on, but given a few days' time away from the machine, I'm sure I'll come up with something.  Oh, yes.  Now I remember! 

Happy July to everyone.  Enjoy each day no matter what it brings. 

Miss E. Mouse

The Back View - Note the closure on Sterling's top at the band.

Summer Middies in Teal and Red

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