Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas Morning From "Santa's Workshop"

Merry Christmas my friends!  As promised, I'm creating a special post just for the gifts I made this holiday season.  Its been difficult keeping them a secret, but as of this morning, the packages have been opened and the toys have come out to play.

Let's delay no further.  I will keep this brief, and simply describe what I am sharing.  After all, its Christmas morning! 

The first four photos are of my little 6" Polichinelle.  He was my second needle felting project and was made for a friend who loves the French Punch.  He was modeled after an original French toy, circa 1850.  I learned so much in creating him, and look forward to the next needle felting challenge I provide myself.  I already know what it will be.

The second set of photos is a little wardrobe called Yu Ping's Winter Solstice.  Yu Ping is the tiny sister of Ruby Red Galleria's Ten Ping.  Ten Ping is an 8" Chinese child BJD, and Yu Ping is her 5" baby sister.   You might notice on her blue plaid pinafore the yellow embroidery on the front edge.  It is a copy of the Chinese symbol on Yu Ping's shoes by Ruby Red Galleria.  The color of the flower on the back helped coordinate the outfit to her shoes.

Of course you will recall the pretty pink party dresses for the 9" Lawton dolls.  One was a gift to a friend, and the other a gift to my own doll.  Although you've also seen this one before, I couldn't resist including my friend's gift to her own little Lisette.  A Christmas party dress with holly crown. 

Wishing you all the joys of Christmas and a fabulous week leading to our New Year!  Keep love on your lips, the child in your heart, and the bravery to live the best life possible.

Miss E. Mouse

Side view of the 6" Polichinelle.

Happily sitting beneath the tree.

A back view!

Little dress and pinafore.

The back.  Coordinating bow for the set.

Jacket and play trousers.

The coordinating Winter Solstice with pillow.
Kimono style top with frog closure, and play trousers.

The 9" Lawton doll party dresses.

Lisette's Christmas gown and holly crown.

Some of the best toys are dollies.

The jolly workshop never closes!  Its Christmas year round.

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  1. Your exquisite artwork continues to blow my mind Melissa! Love your felting!