Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Beautiful Balloon

When I was a little mouse, my mother used to take my sister and brother and I to our local Sees Candies store where we'd each pick out a beautiful sugar egg with a perfect, tiny little scene in it. She would then save them for our Easter baskets. These sugar eggs with their windows to a miniature world would fascinate me for hours. I never nibbled on them, but also have no idea where they went to. As you can see, I have a very pretty one today with a pink sugar rose on top. I know you can't see her, but there's a tiny yellow chick sitting on eggs inside!

The last few days have been spent finishing up projects, getting them mailed and cleaning up my studio. I simply cannot work in such a mess, but as I do, all these little bits gather around my paper pallette until I can no longer find anything. A paper pallette? Well, I suppose this goes back to the days when I painted more often than not, but you can tear a soiled page away so easily and find a nice clean surface to begin on again.

Oh! Bebe Balancoire has a new silk dress. The white one in the presentation box has been made, and so has the powder puff and folded shawl or kerchief shown above it. The hat is a bonnet and will take a bit of fussing with. There is a white brush I think must be a "tooth brush" and a black brush for her hair. I've found I must remake her beautiful leather gloves, but this is alright. Making the perfect pair of 1/2" gloves takes some doing. There are four napkins, a bar of soap, and what looks to be red curlers. The ball in the net bag was also made recently. So why not share a photo? Because its EASTER!! And, Easter cards must be sent.

I think I've decided on two things I shall be working on along with Bebe, and a commissioned piece I'm painting. I have been wanting to make male and female harlequin marionettes for some time now. Antoinette Marionette was so beautiful and sweet and I must make more like her. (See my website under the gallery Bleuette Collections and The Versailles Collection - I think she was about 2 1/2" long. So sweet. These may be about 3" tall. Just like me! I am also going to finish the second miniature Chinese Checkers set since my marble artist said he'd make me more teeny tiny marbles in the right colors. My love affair with dolls and trunks calls, so I must make a little Jumeau in a trunk with a small wardrobe - or even a presentation box! That's it! Those French presentation boxes were divine. And am I not making etrennes? Oui! I guess that's three, but who is counting?

So, I wish you a Happy Easter, and when next I write I hope to have some wonderful works in progress to share.


Miss E. Mouse

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  1. I didn't know See's Candies sold "mouse size" candy...well you learn something new all the time!!!:)I love your little sugar egg, and yes I saw the teeny tiny yellow chick inside, although I had to enlarge the picture first.

    Ah....a second Chinese Checkers game is in the works, I loved your first one you made. After getting to see it in person I was "awe struck" at the detail in such a small little piece. Your tiny painting is "my favorite" of everything you do....nothing I've seen compares to it!!! Look forward to seeing what you have next to delight my senses! Love, Lori