Saturday, December 31, 2011

Welcome 2012, The Year of Lettie Lane

Just as promised, I am typing one pawed to bring you the last post of 2011. And, there I am! Being tenderly upheld by my new little muse, Lettie Lane. She will be the star of 2012 as her doll house was introduced in The Ladies' Home Journal 100 years ago in the year 1912.

I have long loved the Lettie Lane paper dolls illustrated by Sheila Young, and this particular one, "Pictures of a Little American Girl", just spoke to my heart and I decided she must come to life as a friend for Daisy.

This beautiful antique reproduction was made by the stellar doll artist, Connie Zink, of Land of Oz Dolls, to my exacting specification. Unlike Daisy, she is a German Kestner 174 mold. My intention, and you know I'm good to my word, is to bring to life her clothing from her paper doll page. Just yesterday I ventured out of my little hole in the wall and joined a friend of mine on a journey to San Francisco's Britex Fabrics store on Maiden Lane in Union Square. I bought so many beautiful fabrics in cotton silks, cotton sateens, and cotton velveteens to make these lovely outfits. Ribbons, threads, laces and trims joined the shopping bag and I'm ready to begin 2012 sewing for Lettie Lane.

Is she truly Lettie? We like to believe that the Lettie Lane Paper Dolls depict "Lettie" in all her forms. And, because my Daisy is a blonde and blue eyed little lass, my Lettie had to be her own girl and thusly a brunette with brown eyes. She is wearing a "Lettie" wig purchased from Dollspart Supply, and she will have all the stockings, shoes and hats to go with her lavish wardrobe.

2011 has been an incredible year overall, and it saw Miss E. Mouse add a new dimension to her work as an heirloom doll accessorist, in the form of sewing doll clothing.

So ring in the bells and settle into a gentle winter embracing the beloved pasttimes of reading good books, playing dolls and keeping those little paws busy creating beauty in every corner of your life.


Miss E. Mouse


  1. I am so looking forward to seeing all the great items you will be bestowing on the beautiful "Lettie"!! Looking forward to the "New Year" 2012!! Connie Zink

  2. Wow....Lettie is absolutely beautiful, I love her coloring! Can't wait to see everything you will make for her in this new year of 2012!! Boy does time fly by!!!

    p.s. Your paw looks like it has healed nicely from when you broke it. :)

  3. She's a darling girl- so like Lettie Lane paper dolls. Looking forward to her wardrobe! I know it will be fantastic.