Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fait Accompli

It has come to my attention fully, that I've much to learn when it comes to drafting patterns, or redrafting them as it may be.  The original pattern for this coat dress was way, way, way too large for this doll.  I thought that after several successes with sewing for Daisy, that this dress would have been a snap, but no way.  It took me several tries and alot of pulling at my tail to push myself to actually finish it.

The first problem was with hand-sewing scallops for the collar and cuffs.  When I'd finally decided on the best method for making the scallops, the collar was either too big or too long (crossing in the front).  When you do this intricate hand-stitching and the final product doesn't fit, you have to do the entire thing over again.  No amount of pattern drafting seemed to dimish the collar in size, so I just kept redoing the original.

A friend of mine sent me a redrafted pattern to try, but when I cut a paper towel version of it, the collar was too small and the the dress too tight.  What information she did offer, which was excellent and worked beautifully, was to make buttonhole stitches in the dress to loop the belt through.  There again, I had to practice on my new machine with these as I couldn't get the attachment foot to work, so these had to be done manually.  It scared the pie out of me when sewing them, for if they didn't come out well, the entire dress would be ruined.  Rather akin to gluing and nailing latches on a hand-painted wooden trunk.  

Lastly, the hat would be made to complete this ensemble and since I'd made two of these in the past, it went rather quickly.  The dress is made of a tea-dyed yellow linen and the collar and cuffs from a cotton twill.  The belt, shank buttons and bow are black velveteen, as is the straw hat's band.  It was necessary for me to pursue this to the end as Lettie Lane seems to have many outfits with scalloped collars!  Mercy!

I will call this Daisy's Birthday Dress since March 15 marks her 101th birthday.

Miss E. Mouse 

The mess of patterns and failed efforts!

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  1. The outfit turned out wonderful. Thanks for sharing your process.