Friday, March 23, 2012

Sailing Right Along

Starboard Bow
Sailing right along, we finish Lettie Lane's For School sailor dress.  Several things took place since the last journaling.  Both the mini soutache braid arrived, and the tiny cuff buttons.  It was an interesting process machine stitching all that braid on the collar, cuffs and high neck band.  It was all eyeballing in the process for I don't see how pinning the braid would actually make it go smoother. 

Also, the shell was sewn and embroidered with a wee anchor.  I will admit that I had a ball making this one.  Not only do I love sailor dresses on dolls, but some of this is getting alot easier to do.  For instance, the front plackets and pleats.  And, with the omission of those silly, huge patterns to fuss with, designing these dresses is far more creative and up to the skills I've developed in the past.

Front and Center
The silk ribbon tie just arrived this morning, and while it appears lighter in color, its the lighting in the room that did this.  Its actually a perfect match.  So soft and drapey, too.

I have discovered one thing that I'll make certain not to repeat.  Each time I've gone to hem the dress, I find I don't have enough length to make a deep hem.  I'd have to literally cut the skirt hem to her ankles in order to have a good one inch to one and a half inch hem.  I keep creating these dresses as if sewing for a small child.

The Stern
Yesterday I was experimenting with Dharma Dyes.  The Fiber Reactive dyes are wonderful to play with.  They take to the fabric in tap water and you leave the cloth in the bath just long enough to get your desired color - even if its only a minute.  You don't need to use more than 1/2 teaspoonfuls of dye to get a good color, and a sprinkling of the soda ash swirled in the bath for a minute is all you need to chemically seal in the color.  Equally, a 4oz. jar is very reasonably priced.  After my hesitations with dying fabric, and experimenting with Dharma Dye, I think we're going to have a bit of fun now.  I'll explain and give examples of this in my next entry.  The grey/mauve dress is ready to sew.

Miss E. Mouse


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  1. Your clothes are beautiful. I love the minute attention to detail.