Thursday, April 26, 2012

Oar Else

The First Cut
I just tucked a nice nuts and berries casserole into the oven, and while I wait for it to bake, I thought I might journal some notes on Lettie Lane's Canoe Paddles.

I do love working with wood!  I'd forgotten how much so.  This was the first time I'd had to carve something on this scale, and naturally, I had to order a thicker basswood.  With these paddles, I used 1/2" basswood pieces.  Quite a departure from thicknesses of 1/16" to 1/8". 

Vintage Wooden Oar
I sketched the design and dimensions of the paddle directly from the paper doll illustration where she is holding the paddle from behind.  Due to the fact that half of this was hidden, I did a quick Internet search and found a photo of a vintage oar or canoe paddle.   This one was indeed much larger in scale and had a much longer paddle to neck proportion.  Yet it still gave me the full picture and from this I drew the rest.

The first cut was done on a miniature jigsaw and after I broke the first fine toothed blade, I spent half an hour trying to get a blade with larger teeth assembled into the tool.  It went only slightly easier due to the fact that this old blade was a bit rusty.  If I'm going to work in this scale, I'll have to invest in new blades.  The funny thing is, I typically do something like this once, then never again!

There I am staining the paddles.
I use an X-Acto knife to carve with.  I do have carving tools, but they are not nearly as effective.  It came to mind as I was carving these down, that I might have just purchased two big wooden spoons!  Same shape!  But, then they would not have been true paddles. I did alot of sanding to get the rounded shape of the handles and the high, mid middle of the paddles.  A nice Golden Pecan stain was applied, and the last step will be the satin sealer.  The result of all this is a dainty, and utterly feminine little paddle to go with what will now be called the Canoeing Outfit.

Casserole is done!  Time to put my back paws up for the evening.

Miss E. Mouse

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