Friday, April 20, 2012

Surrey With the Fringe On Top!

An A to Z Story of a French Fashion Doll
Inspiration for the Buggy
In between the yardage and stitches, a dear friend of mine asked me to make for her, the buggy for her A is For Annabelle doll.  In truth we discussed this about a year ago when we met up at the Rose Percy charity event held by the boys from the Carmel Doll Shop.

Marie Terese is a young French Fashion doll created by Alice Leverette, and was given as a souvenir gift at a UFDC conference three years back.  She's 10.5" tall and was modeled after a Huret (if this mouse is not mistaken).  Many collectors displayed her for the young mademoiselle she is, and others, like my friend, made her into another doll. 

The story by Tasha Tudor is for young children and alphabet by item, Tasha illustrates all the glorious items Annabelle possesses.  A very charming book that inspired many a seamstress and doll accessorist to create her loot. 

Shown with a Marie Terese doll 10.5"
The basic buggy was a kit I'd found on ebay that was created for a doll club in 1979.  It was a good start for me since I'd no idea how I was going to get the parts, much less make the chasis.  Still and all the bonnet was a bugger to make.  No lie. 

All by Itself

The main problems were in the assembly and attachment, and while it is a fragile piece primarily for display, it is as well built as a mouse could make it.  The color of the posts and ornate oval came to me after I deduced that black bars would make the buggy look like a jail, and the lighter tan opens the piece up and allows the doll to shine.

In a sense it was good for me to take this departure from sewing for a bit so I could keep my skills fresh...and I do have those paddles to carve!  A box of lovely basswood arrived today.

I also wish to thank my readers for leaving such lovely comments.  I appreciate it more than you could imagine!

Miss E. Mouse

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  1. The carriage is adorable. I love Tasha Tudor illustrations. She was so talented.