Friday, October 19, 2012

Little French Witch Costume

Polly Pratt's Halloween Party
Polly is eagerly awaiting October 31rst as she's giving her first, and a very splendid Halloween party.  Her costume is sweetly adorable beginning with a white silk dress whose sleeves are edged in lace.  Her lilac silk panier and corset are all one piece, like a little ballerina tutu that hooks in the back.  Draping her young shoulders is an orangey-red cape to match that of Daisy's, and her gorgeous little ruffly witch hat tops her curls. 

Little French Witch Costume

Polly Pratt's first illustrated outfit is just as sweet as she is.

Wishing you all a fanciful Halloween as the autumn winds blow chilly and cool.

In the works...

With cauldron, broomstick and kitties
Sheila Young's Illustration

Socks and Fran Quinn's Polly Jane Shoes

A Fabulously Ruffled and Lined Hat

Miss E Mouse


  1. Somewhere in your pages I saw a tiny Bleuette. Did you make her?