Sunday, October 28, 2012

Little Lettie Gets a Costume, too!

"Oooo!  You should be on my dress!"
Not to be outdone by that Polly Pratt, Little Lettie begged for her very own costume, and so I whipped one up for her. 

It is no secret that I adore and collect vintage images, and Halloween illustrations are no acception.  This one with its witch bordered table cloth topped with what looks like a pumpkin cornucopia, and a plate of chocolate donuts has two little children ready to enjoy some Halloween treats.  The little girl wears a yellow gown edged with a kitty border and sweet little pilgrim shoes. 

The vintage Halloween illustration.
I chose to use a lovely cotton sateen that I purchased from the U.K. on ebay, and edged the sleeves with, almost the last, of this pretty cotton eyelet lace. The dress is fully lined with a light yellow taffetta to give it volume (and for me, the ease of not having to sew in a hem under the kitties). I do not remember where I purchased the lace, but its been a favorite to use, so the hunt for more will commence shortly.  I made little iron-on kitties from the black satin I used for Polly's and Daisy's witch hats.  The whiskers are sewn in with embroidery thread.  I used a 4mm black silk ribbon for the bows on the sleeves.

All the way around.
Little Lettie's pilgrim shoes are miniature versions of Daisy's.  She also wears all the way up white stockings, and her curls are topped with a red silk bow.  I had alot of fun with this one.

Her costume in the works.
I still prefer, or feel more comfortable designing and sewing for the larger girls, but given time, I'm sure sewing for the 10 1/2" Bleuette-sized body will come with more ease.  For now, this is it.  I've plenty of ideas for next Halloween's costumes, but they will have to wait until next year.  Should I ever acquire a little boy Bleuette, I'll certainly complete this vignette with a blue suit for him and that wonderful table cloth.

The moon is almost full, and this Halloween promises to have four little girls from this little hole in the wall, having a wonderful Halloween party!

Miss E. Mouse

Happy Halloween Little Lettie!
Shoes should be fun to wear!  Cute linings help.

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  1. That's a stunning halloween dress! How cute the shoe lining is :)