Sunday, December 30, 2012

Year of the Thimble People (1913 - 2013)

A New Year's Party Dress
Just the day before New Year's Eve, and Mlle. Souiree has been sewing up a party dress for Mary Marie!  I was tickled PINK when my dear friend, Andrea, made one for her doll, too.  Her Mary Marie is mine's twin, and just as pretty with a bit different coloring.  She was asking how to post a photo and I suggested she look up vintage New Year's postcards (I collect them), and use her grandfather clock and skills with Photoshop.  Fantastic!  This is worth printing and hanging on the wall.

There I am!
As with all my costuming, it is the lovely illustrations of the artists that inspire me, and such is the case with my wardrobe for Mary Marie.  The Mary Frances Sewing Book was alive with charm and wit and adorable dolly illustrations dancing throughout the pages.  How could I not be inspired by such sweetness?

Inspired by the Illustration
Andrea's Darling Mary Marie Postcard
I must add for the sake of honesty, that Andrea was highly instrumental in helping me create this dress.  These patterns are cut out on two folds (all one piece), and for the life of me I couldn't figure out how to get them on the doll.  I read, reread and studied these archaic instructions and completely missed the boat!  Placket.  That was the key.  These outfits required you to cut a slit down the back and sew in a placket.  Once that was all cleared up, I sat down and busily made up Mary Marie's first party dress.  Thinking back on this, I used a placket for sewing the front of Lettie's canoeing outfit blouse.  As an artist I'm completely visual, and the terms and rules neither stick or as often the case apply.  However,  knowing of and how to do them is essential.

Its a lovely, sunny, bright day here and I am so ready for the new year to turn.  I'm having way too much fun sewing these fanciful outfits for Mary Marie that poor Polly's coat sits unfinished.  I've come too far on it to tuck it away, and she has so little yet, so I'll finish it in moments here and there. 

Who needs champagne when life is bubbling all around us?!  I'm inspired.  I'm inspired and feeling stronger in spirit than ever, and I owe this light to friends of mine like Andrea.  Bless her beautiful heart!

Miss E. Mouse


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