Sunday, March 24, 2013

Creating Mossy

Tory and Mossy
Getting back to the root of the matter.  Its all about the creative process!  In this spirit, I wanted to share this darling Edwardian story by Jan Brett about a very special turtle named Mossy.  The story unfolds as Dr. Carolina and her niece, Tory, discover a very unique turtle who grows a garden on her shell.  Dr. Carolina takes her from her pond to put in a special museum display, just as Mossy meets an admiring turtle named Scoot.  Mossy becomes saddened and lonely in her vast terrarium, and Tory finds a way to keep the spirit of Mossy alive in the museum while returning her to her special pond and friend.

The Book
I belong to an online group called the LawtonLoop, where we share our love of Wendy Lawton dolls.  Each month we have a theme to play out, discuss and share photos of our dolls.  This month was favorite authors.  The group often shares only children's themes and authors, so I chose Jan Brett as my favorite of the month.

Mossy, the book, was given as a gift to me by my friend Betsy, who equally shares a passion for Brett's books.  I've been collecting Jan's books since the 1980's, and even went to a few of her book signings where she would draw a tiny illustration in our book then sign her name.  These were very dear events, and will be treasured in memory.

Close-up of Mossy
While considering what I might do for the theme this month, it came to me in a flash of spring sunshine that I might portray Tory and Mossy.  I knew I had the perfect 9" Lawton doll just for the task, and somewhere in my little hole in the wall, I had a wee ceramic turtle.  The turtle had been purchased as an accessory, years ago, for a Chinese doll I owned.  A few years ago I sold the doll, but retained her accessories as these are often special pieces I've either made or purchased and may not be available on the market any longer.  Lucky me, I found the turtle very quickly!

The Bus for the Tour
I had some floral moss that I've been stuffing tiny baskets with and glued a snip of this to the back of the little turtle's shell.  Then I clipped the stems off a few leaves and flowers I have stored for hat dressing.  Instant Mossy!  I dressed September Sojourn (Tory had red or strawberry blonde hair), in a little sailor outfit by Boneka.  Instant Tory!  It was a beautiful day outdoors so I scurried down to the woods and took a few photos that might illustrate Tory meeting her little friend.

While writing up the description on the group, I did a little research, which we all know I love to do, and found some charming photos of Jan's bus tour and one of her drawing Scoot at one of her signings.

Jan Brett's books are colorful and beautifully, lavishly illustrated.  The stories, fun and smart and sweet.  Thank you, Jan, for the inspiration!

Miss E. Mouse

Jan On Tour Drawing Scoot

Back Home Near Her Pond

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  1. I always look forward to your blog posts. Your creativity amazes me!