Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wednesday's Child

Wednesday's Child is Full of Woe
Having been born on a Wednesday, I was never very pleased with this little poem that suffered my childhood.  Woe?  Why?  Who on earth would designate a child's life by giving them a title like Woe?  What a terrible thing to do. Being the curious little mouse I am, I started researching who the dolt was who wrote this.  All I could come up with was that it was under rhymes and Mother Goose and it ended there.  Perhaps a few Wednesday born adults gave a good clobbering to the author, but we'll never know, will we? 

All that said, when the Wendy Lawton doll collector's group that I belong to, wished to create a Day's of the Week Helper Donation for the UFDC Convention this summer, I grabbed Wednesday so that I could do it a little justice.  Wendy herself is donating the 9" doll, and several of us are sewing, others donating beautiful factory made costuming.

The Mary France First Aid Book
Poor Dolly!  Woe!
My first thought was to design a housekeeping ensemble since hole-in-the-wall-keeping is one of my least favorite things to do.  Woe!  But, as I thought on it further, the idea for a little nurse's uniform came to mind.  Perhaps it was after my Mary Frances First Aid Book arrived.  You know me!  I love to bring illustrations to life.  A navy blue dress, apron, cap and a little bandaged dolly would do the trick.  I'm still up in the air about making a tiny Mary France First Aid Book as they are alot of work, but even if I don't copy pages, I will include a traditional miniature of it (nice cover over wood piece).  The convention's theme is Edwardian, and Mary Frances fits so nicely into this concept.

We Comfort the Wounded
I began by redesigning a Ginny nurse's pattern.  The 9" Lawtons have such tiny bodies that by the time I was done, it was a completely different dress.  You can say I used the pattern as a sloper.  The apron is my own design and the cap was again created by using the Ginny pattern as a sloper.  I was once again able to use my sillouhette technique for the red crosses.  This was a fun costume to make, but it did not come together without a few burps.

The Arm Band Snaps On
The first perfect little dress I made was too short in the sleeves and hem.  Sound familiar?  And, this came after I made two muslin mock-ups.  It would nicely fit a 7" Lawton doll, but I haven't the inclination to make a tinier apron and cap unless someone asks for one.  I'll keep the nice little dress in my hopper basket just in case.

The Back
The apron went through only one do over.  The straps were difficult to get just the right length.  I wanted one end to be finished, and the other tucked in to finish with the hidden ladder stitch.  Just turning the straps and bib inside out was a task!  Of course the dress, and the apron are fully lined with my lovely Swiss Bearissima batiste.  It is so thin, yet sturdy, it makes a perfect lining for a small doll's dress.  The navy dress, however, was lined in a delicate light blue fabric.  Just a little hidden surprise.  One thread loop button closes the waist band on the apron, and two little snaps fix the crossed straps in the back.

The little bandaged dolly is one that I've had for several years now.  It is very difficult to give up nice little dollies, but they need to have nice lives, too, beyond the closed box.

I just received some yellow fabric in the mail from the U.K. and wouldn't you know, I had a yard of this already!  I need to do some serious fabric sorting and storing.  I suppose its like office filing.  Wouldn't we rather be playing than filing reports?  And, yet, its become a necessity.  So we take a deep breath and put our paws to work folding and stacking by color.  Yes, I'm a Type A mouse!

Next, I'm going to begin a new outfit each for Polly and Lettie.  These will be the adorable gym clothes they wear when exercising in the school yard.  Little sailor collars give the rompers charm while the girls hold dumbells and a rugby ball.  So, I'll get a chance to make some accessories, too.

A nice little rain storm came through last night, and this morning a bit of hail fell.  Its the perfect day for tucking in and getting lots of work done.

Miss E. Mouse

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  1. I just love this set, it is absolutely darling and perfect! Wish I had one to call my own!! :)