Monday, January 25, 2010

Casting Off!

Well, its been raining here in Auburn for two weeks solid and there is no relief in sight! I can't believe that I'm laid up with a broken ankle, but this is how things are. So I hobble around on two paws since the kindly doctor put a scurrying cast on my paw. Its a perfect time to sit and work on little things.

I've been working on a huge box of teal fabrics and leathers and trims since it arrived about three weeks ago. I belong to the Bleuette Sewing Club, and while I don't make big doll clothes, I do make little ones and Etrennes for this doll. She's such a delight to create for! The teal project came as a "challenge" for January and February and most of the seamstresses are busy sewing ball gowns and party dresses for a ball at the end of this month. I made two beautiful accessory sets comprising of slippers, purses and pretties for these dolls to wear with their gowns. Also included were items for the terrier, Fripon, who is little Bleuette's beloved companion. The Venetian mask was my pride and joy. Form fitted just like a real one to Bleuette's little face.

This week I'm hoping to finish a lovely little project for Bleuette to play with. Its a 3 1/2" domed trunk, covered in the teal fabrics, with two little porcelain dolls inside. One little doll is just under 3" and the other is her play doll, about 1 1/2" tall. My goodness they are fun to dress! Although I am looking forward to new projects as the month comes to a close.

Teal is a lovely color and this pallete, as well as shades of blue are the designer colors for the decade! I read in the Mouse Chronicles that it is a color to soothe our stressful lives. But, think of all the things in nature of this hue. The ocean, the sky, lakes, Morning Glories, Forget-Me-Nots... Its endless!

I'd better scurry back into my hole and start working now. The day waits for no mouse!

Miss E. Mouse


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  2. Miss E. Mouse,

    Oh dear me, this must be quite an inconvenience scurrying around with this "big ole cast" on! Please don't tell me you were trying to get a piece of cheese out of one of those "nasty mousetraps" and got your leg caught! But I can see that it really hasn't slowed you down too much with the job of finishing Entrennes for Bleuette.
    A 3 1/2" domed trunk, covered in the teal fabrics, with two little porcelain dolls sounds just delightful for Bleuette to play with. Wouldn't it be wonderful after you complete the construction of the trunk, that maybe Bleuette will invite you to play with her and the dollies! After all you are small enough to crawl into the trunk and play aren't you? Just make sure to have good manners and clean up after leaving cheese crumbles behind!!!
    Well Miss E. Mouse, I look forward to hearing updates on how you're recovering and what your creating in the near future. Do be careful won't you, I don't want to hear of anymore mishaps such as a fractured tail or worse!!!

    Sincerely, Lori Saggs

  3. Oh dear, do be careful Missy! Life is challenging enough without dragging a heavy old cast around ;)