Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mignonette and Her Teal Trunk

The sun is out and my puppies are dashing about in the backyard getting muddy nose to tail! How good it is to see the sun again.

I just completed Mignonette and Her Teal Trunk. It was quite an adventure as I haven't dressed little dolls like this in a long time. I also had to make the trunk twice because covering it in cloth is such a different process than creating one in wood and painting it. After cutting the wood, each little piece has to be covered fully before assembly. I then covered the exterior with a lovely pinwhale corduroy. The little mignonette, or French "pocket doll" seems to be very happy with her tiny dolly and the toys I added of a miniature Eiffel Tower, a teeny sailboat and bitty basket. A second dress and straw hat completed the collection. If you'd like to see close ups, please visit my website

With the teal projects behind me, I am beginning anew with one of my peg wooden paper dolls. This one is of Lettie Lane and her Punch and Judy Theatre.

Last night as I lay in bed, snug in my little hole in the wall, I was looking at a book of Etrennes by Theriaults. It occurred to me that I'd made so many little items similar to those in the book, but it is always a source of inspiration for me. I decided to carefully explore the contents a bit further and begin a dedicated pursuit of creating many more of these exceptional luxury items. There will never again be a time to match the high art of miniatures and doll amusements during this period in French history, but I will continue to do my best to follow these artisans example of timeless collectibles.

To quote a passage from the Foreward in the book , Etrennes, French Nineteenth Century Holiday Dolls and Playthings (Theriaults), "We noticed that the French inevitabilty pushed the definition of deluxe, yet understood the precise point when too much was too much. Their touch was, always, just right." In this vein, I create.

Did I mention that my ancestry was French and Scottish?

Miss E. Mouse


  1. The teal trunk turned out beautiful, I really love the the complimentary color of mint green and cream. I truly love the doll and her extra dress...a job well done!! Thanks for sharing, Miss E. Mouse!

    Can't wait for more, Lori

  2. Melissa, how exciting to see your blog. You don't know how I adore your work. I love miniatures! I also have a blog, which I began in 2007 for traveling in Europe. After a year, I began to write in it again, in 2009. I've kept it up ever since. It's a hodge podge of family, dolls, and my personal interests. I've taken to labeling my posts, so I or anyone can check the labels on the right hand side of my blog, in order to find a subject easier. I've become a follower!

  3. It's so beautifully sophisticated yet simple, I love the teal colour.