Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Taking Stock

I'm tired. I've been working for days it seems on this little "balancoire" presentation box. I can't tell you how many times I've had to stop and really think about what I'm doing. This is clearly one of the most ambitious projects I've ever taken on. Those who know me can tell you that I am always chosing the most difficult thing to do - but, this is even a bit much for a mouse!

The most important thing, to me, when creating a piece of art is to make it look effortless. Have you ever taken a look at a painting that feels overworked? Like the artist really struggled to paint it? Well, the same goes for any fine work of art. When presented to an audience, it should look as if the artist just whipped through it with no trouble at all. It should look finished, glorious, but understated in elegance.

The issues with this presentation box (pronounced ba-lan-swa), is that I am going strictly by a photograph when I dearly need the full three-dimensional piece in front of me. The other is that my little Bebe has a porcelain head and body while her limbs made of very light wood so she isn't weighted to sit properly on the swing. You'll see in the photo I took that the middle frame is there, the swing was, so I may build a small pedestal to anchor it so she can sit without falling backwards. You wouldn't think such issues could occur for a little doll under 3", but when working with miniatures, it is good to remember you are creating an illusion. My problem is that I want more...

I guess most people would only see two box sides, a swing in the middle, goodies in the box sides and a doll sitting on the swing. Well, trust me, there's alot more to the construction and design of this presentation box than meets the eye!

So, I'm having a soothing cup of tea in my new rocking chair (with side table!) and accessing the progress of this project. I have no doubts that it will become the masterpiece I wish it to be, but I will be working on it long and hard, for a long, hard time.

Oh! Good news! This little mouse gets her cast off next week!

Miss E. Mouse

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  1. Oh my goodness Melissa, what a difficult project. Lucky your tenacity matches your talent :)

    Great news that your cast will come off soon!!