Sunday, February 14, 2010

Let Me Make Your Dreams Come True!

Happy Valentine's Day! I just couldn't resist sharing a photo of my two little Valentines, Dover and Orion, who are now five-months-old. I had to snap this picture because Orion only stays clean for a short time and he had a bath last night. Poor little guy is an English Cream Golden Retriever and he can't stay white no matter what the weather. He loves to roll in the dirt! Dover is a Yellow Lab and he sheds dirt like most labs. They are my sweethearts.

But, here I am having a cup of tea with my drawing board. I decided to hop up on my sideboard and rest a bit and take in what I wanted to get done today. Lots. I have several projects on my table, all of which I'm very excited about. One might think that all the intricate little detailed work I do might be stressful and tiring, but it soothes and relaxes me like a meditation. The little Bebe Balancoire is being painted and put together today now that her wood-jointed arms and legs have been carved. I had to empty my dust pan several times in the process!

And, besides wishing you a chocolately day, I wanted to include that yes, I do take commissions. I welcome them and enjoy working with a customer to make them something very unique and special. I do like making dreams come true. May all your dreams come true!

Miss E. Mouse


  1. Dover and Orion look so innocent, I can't believe they EVER get into trouble ;) I'm glad you mentioned the little Bebe Balancoire is being put TOGETHER not pulled apart (I think I watch way too many crime shows!). Love the little teapot and cup, must drop by for a cuppa some time...

  2. Oh aren't the puppies so cute and angelic looking! Glad to see you're taking time out of your busy days to have a cup of tea. Take care of your ankle! Love,Lori

  3. Hi Miss E. Mouse,

    This is Louise from the Lawton Loopers.
    Love your new blog and all the wonderful new goodies....