Sunday, February 28, 2010

Comic Relief!

Well, this isn't the blog I thought I'd write tonight, but I had so much fun today with these silly shoes that I wanted to share the story with you.
I belong to a Bleuette yahoogroup and the ladies have sewing challenges every month. Sometimes the challenge changes as it did in February, and it became a shoe challenge. After many people made little French shoes, the challenge sponsor suggested extending the fun by making shoes from a non-traditional material. For some reason I started singing the old folk song Clementine. "Wearing boxes without out topses, sandals were for Clementine!" I wrote this to the group early in the month and we all had a good giggle over it.

Well the challenge came to close today and the sponsor was teasing me that she'd hoped I would have come through with my boxes. Not being one to disappoint, I ran into my studio and found these two little boxes that fit perfectly on Bleuette's little feet. Since Clementine's shoes were "number nine", I added this little touch to them. Sharilyn got a big kick out of it and I must admit they came out swell! "Oh my darlin', Oh my darlin', Oh my daaaarlin' Clementine!" hee-hee

A note to dear Norma: Bebe is only 2 3/4" tall. I looked up a metric conversion chart and it indicated 50.8mm.

Its been a very busy time for me as I'm working on several commissions, but I have been filling Bebe's presentation box with all the items I can detect from the photograph. She now has her tiny doll, the wire butterfly net (had to try that one three times!), a pair of gloves, and her beautiful cape. I'll share these with you, and maybe more, next time the lighting in my little hole in the wall is perfect for taking pictures.

On to March! In like a lion? Little mice do quake in their presence!
Miss E. Mouse
P.s. On March 1, I found out these silly boxes won part of the shoe challenge with a prize for "...and to the No. 9's for outstanding originality and good humor!" Oh my!

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  1. Haha, really made me smile :) I'm SOO looking forward to seeing little Bebe's presentation box with all it's wonderful accessories... She is so tiny, isn't she.