Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Coming Together

Today I'm taking the day off to see the new Tim Burton Alice film. I recall a friend of mine telling me about the movie earlier in the year and we were both excited over the costuming and novelty of the piece. When I go to see a movie like this, it is because of the pure entertainment value of it and also the inspiration of another artist's work of art. It need not be good per se, but just snuggling into a stadium seat in a dark theatre can take me away like no other venue. Speaking of which, I just gave a huge membership donation to our local PBS station to get one ticket to see Celtic Woman Songs From the Heart. I adore Chloe. That woman can sing!

Speaking of singing, I'm doing my own little song and dance after braving the latching and hinging of the tiny Cracker Barrel trunk. I also finished the bedding, bolster pillow, stool and cover. Often times I simply ride with my vision having no idea how I'm accomplishing something - I just do it.

I also attached a photo of the "real" trunk so you could see the comparison of the two. The tiny one needs a handle atop, some hangers and of course the tiny doll and her wardrobe. How tempting it is just to sit and home and keep working, but my mind needs a rest least for a few hours.


Miss E. Mouse

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  1. It's breathtaking! The bed is lovely, the clothes are lovely, EVERYTHING is lovely!!

    It's funny to think that we 'met' because of a discussion over mini trunk hardware ages and ages ago :)