Monday, March 8, 2010

Something Good's A-foot!

Easter is coming! I was reading the newspaper this morning and found out that Jan Brett has a new book out. Its called The Easter Egg. Jan has been one of my favorite illustrators and story tellers since the early '80's. Her charming stories and delightful paintings have always brought a smile to my heart. I was reminded this morning of a childhood memory when my mother would troop us down to Sees Candies every Easter to choose a panoramic sugar egg to find in our Easter basket Sunday morning. The tiny sugar and paper images would delight me for months. I don't think I ever braved eating the egg, but would save them in a box somewhere for another time. What happened to them? Who's to say. Maybe a little mouse came along and nibbled on them.

For the last week I've been slaving over creating a miniature version of the elusive and quite collectible Cracker Barrel doll trunk that became the item for Bleuette some years ago when Agnes Sura, one of the founders of bringing Bleuette to the States, posted a photo of her dressed dolls in front of one. Recently, on ebay, they've been selling for as high as $245! A twenty-five dollar toy found in the South's gift shop of the Cracker Barrel restaurant has become a true treasure. I have four of them. Well, come on! All my dolls must be spoiled.

I have long wanted to miniaturize one and finally found the nerve to do so. This is it. This is the only one I'll make because it was and still is, the challenge beyond Bebe Balancoire's miniaturization. (Yes, I'm still working on her, but she had to be put aside while I drove myself nuts doing this!)

The trunk comes in three sections, a place for a Murphy bed (a bed that folds up into the wall), a section for hanging clothing and a drawer for storing shoes, a space for the doll to be stored and a curved drawer dresser and stool. The stool is being made today. The stool is covered, and the bed has a coverlet and bolster pillow. To this I will add a 2 1/2" porcelain mini Bleuette, dressed, and maybe two extra dresses. I like things in threes. So before I hinge and latch this little Etrenne, I wanted to share this small triumph with you. I also photographed it with a penny for sizing.

I wanted to thank the new members for joining my blog. And, I want to wish you happy dreams as we waltz into spring!

Miss E. Mouse


  1. A bed in a trunk! How clever! Your trunk is perfect as always :)

    BTW I loved the story about the eggs you used to get as a child - and like you I wonder where they went but the likelihood of a litte mouse being involved in the disapperance is probably quite high ;)

  2. Oh my Miss's a good thing you put the penny in the picture, I first thought it was Bleuette size. This is truly amazing, you really outdid yourself on this's a tiny Masterpiece. This also looks rather mouse size too. Are you sure this isn't going to be your new house? :) Maybe your getting tired and bored with that "little hole in the wall".

    Sincerely, Love Lori