Friday, March 19, 2010

A Dream Come True

Oh how spring calls to me! My whiskers twitch and my paws long to scamper among the cool blades of damp grass in the sun-filled morning! What a joy to be a mouse!

Yesterday I finished the Mini Bleuette and Her Cracker Barrel Trunk set. This little accomplishment has me giddy with delight. This is solidly one of the very best pieces I've ever made. And, it should be. I've always held that your latest work should always be your best or you aren't growing as an artist. This is not to say that art of the past isn't notable, but we gain so many new skills and confidence with our abilities with each piece we finish. And, so it is with the Mini Bleuette and Her Cracker Barrel Trunk.

From the curved drawer in the vanity, to the quilting on the stool and bedding of the fold up Murphy bed...from the tiny 1 1/2" dresses to the three little wood hanger, its a mini masterpiece. There's a baby blue silk party dress with lace and rose bud embroidery, a rose and pink striped day dress with a rose silk sash, and the mini Bleuette wears a lovely jardin tablier dress over her eyelet onsie under things. Her Jumeau style shoes are brown leather and she wears them over lace socks. Her auburn curls come to her shoulders so you can change her dresses without mussing her hair. I honestly could have continued to make yet a couple of more dresses, but it comes now time to work once again on Bebe Balancoire. She's been awfully patient while I worked on the CB trunk.

I also finished the three mini wooden jigsaw puzzles and chose The Doctor to share with you. Each little puzzle was completed with a cardboard box authentic with paper tape corners, and the lids were finished with a high gloss paint and photo of the puzzle. These puzzles have to be one of my favorite Etrennes since all the puzzle pieces fit together so nicely. I love toys we can actually play with!

With no further ado, I will scurry back to my table and get back to work. Then again, I'm certain you have guessed that I will be enjoying the 77 degree weather we are having throughout the day to take those much needed breaks.


Miss E. Mouse

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